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Are You Locked IN the House?

09/13/2013 Back To Blog

Life has a peculiar way of playing with us and although people take precaution measures to avoid getting locked out of their house, they may eventually find themselves locked in according to the official data of Locksmith Tarzana. If you think that's highly improbable, think again. Children may find your keys amusing and the cat may have hidden them God knows where and you will be stuck with locked doors, no extra keys and no chance to make that important appointment at work today. You could jump off the window, except if it's not safe or you live in an apartment, but then again you will be leaving your house unprotected with an open window and, thus, an invitation for an easy home invasion.Are You Locked IN the House?

Things to do at that time

  • It’s important not to panic because it would be the worse advisor. It would blind you and you won’t be able to think straight, take the right decisions or even see the lost house keys, which may be right before your eyes.
  • Are you sure you searched properly the usual places and the entire house? Search again trying under the beds or between the cushions on the couch, especially if you have pets and kids.
  • Think whether you have given a pair of keys to anyone and call them.

Things to consider in advance

  • New door lock installation implies new keys and in this case you must request duplicates. Of course, even if your old door locks are alright, you must still make multiple duplicates of your house keys and leave them hidden in the safest places at home out of the reach of cats, dogs and kids.
  • Check whether the home keys are starting to get old and you need to proceed with lock replacement. People are not locked inside the house just because they can't find their keys, but also because the keys broke inside the lock.
  • Pick one or two people you trust completely to give them your keys. Their assistance during these awkward moments will be invaluable.
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