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Fast answers about your keys and the best ways to maintain your locks. Simply put. Here you will find solutions to usual lock problems and understand the significance of having your locks repaired.

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Is it possible to duplicate a key that has a ‘Do Not Duplicate’ sign?

As explained by the team at Locksmith Tarzana, there is a proper procedure for this. A letter from the owner of the key should be presented, authorizing you to create a duplicate of the key. Typically, you need to fill out a ‘Request for a Restricted Keys’ form.

What are the best tips to avoid a lockout?

If you are constantly finding yourself getting locked out of your place, the standard lock and key might not be for you. You can install a digital keypad door knob system instead. This would cut the need for a standard key. All you need is your pass or key code. For this system, it is important that you share you code to only trusted people and also not to write down the code anywhere.

I usually forget to lock the doors, what do I do?

Make it a habit to make rounds before bed time, leave yourself a note by your bed or put on your alarm clock. There are also wall consoles, which can give you the status of your door locks. You can program them to warn you if some doors are unlocked.

How can I keep lever locks functional?

If you want to get longevity out of them then ensure that you only use the right key for the right lock. Do not try to straighten bent keys by forcing them down. Also ensure that you lubricate and clean with quality products.

Does my property need to be checked a measured up before installation?

In the vast majority of cases, a locksmith will keep a wide range of flexible lock designs with him on arrival. This should make any pre work measure up quite unnecessary. If however, you would feel more comfortable having an audit done before work commences, this should be perfectly easy to arrange.

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