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Changing car locks and keys

You sometimes leave or give one of your duplicate car keys to a friend or relative. When this friend or family member decides to move out, then problems arise. You often get the feeling that your car is not anymore secured. It is under this circumstance that replacing your car locks and changing your car keys would be a good move.

Remedy for lost car keys

There are things that are unexpected. There are times when you lose keys in your hurry. There are also times when in your rush you break your car keys or experience auto lockouts brought about by lost car keys.  According to experts of Locksmith Tarzana, these can all be remedied by having a locksmith do key duplication, re-keying and ignition key hole repair.

How to avoid house lockouts

The secret of avoiding house lockouts is keeping an extra key in your bag and giving some spare keys to close friends or good neighbors. The experts of our locksmith contractor in Tarzana also suggest lock replacement because old keys can easily lock you out.

How to buy the best locks

In buying new locks, you have to first determine the right size. You also need to consider the proximity to others doors and windows. Our technicians suggest that you have to be careful before installing these locks. Otherwise, you would have to change them.

Keep an extra car key

Don't rely on simply one key especially if you have a transponder key. It'll be much cheaper to duplicate it than have it replaced if it's lost. It'll also make your life easier knowing that there's an extra key in your briefcase and you won't be locked out.

Routine checks are important for your home’s security

It is not enough that you have security measures installed in your house. You should schedule regular lock inspection to ensure that all your security features are working right. It is also prudent to have an update or an upgrade if needed or an assessment if you need rekey or a key replacement.

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